Cutting throats and …

Workshopleiter: Martin Enzi

Disziplin: Langes Messer

In every manuscript, there is a lot of talk about the Strike/blow or the thrust. A lot of training time is spent on doing this with various techniques and version. But there is also one thing in our toolbox that is mentioned but often overseen and even less trained – the cut. So we will try to talk about efficiency goals of cuts, in techniques or where to add them whilst withdrawing, or as a finisher.

Erfahrungsgrad: Alle

Empfohlene Ausrüstung: A Messer, and please maintain the edge of your weapons, so that there are no sharp dents or ridges at the edges of the blade.
You also can tape the edge to make it smoother, or tape your wrist. 😉
Furthermore, a cloth or scarf around the neck, a mask and if you want to wear no mask, safety-/ fencing goggles are advised.

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