“Put that buckler to use!!” (englisch)

Workshopleiter: Marine Beaumel

Disziplin: Schwert und Buckler

The buckler is often forgotten by the fighters, it is often held straight in front or close to the body with no other purpose than parrying. Our poor little bucklers need more than that. It can be a wonderful tool. Using simple exercises and free-play, this workshop will emphasize how to wield the buckler as a more effective weapon and protection tool, but we will also work on the body mechanic that goes with it.
This workshop will be separated into two parts. One part focused on the defensive side and the other part focused on the offensive side.
Workshop taught in English (french is also an option 🙂 )

Erfahrungsgrad: Alle

Empfohlene Ausrüstung: Only light gear is required (mask, throat protection, light gloves), a one-handed sword, and a buckler.

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