No fancy fencing

it’s not about points, it’s about pain, killing and surviving.

Workshopleiter: Martin Enzi

Disziplin: Langes Messer

The workshop focuses on the more efficient Messer-techniques from cgm582 and various Sources.
The ones which might work best in everyday defense- or attacksituations, those times or nowerdays.
The large variety of techniques from Leckuechner give us a big toolbox and the deeper principles in the manuscript show the practical usability. We will not talk about the tricky disarms or techniques which are used in the perfect moment, with the perfect timing after years of training.
Beside the more efficient techniques, we will look at strategies according “zufechten” and “abzug”, defending against afterblows, stepping the right way in and out and more. Always keeping in mind that delivering a technique with efficiency, devastating impact, and skill is a good goal to go for, but protecting yourself to survive should be the first awareness!

Erfahrungsgrad: 2 – 10 Anfänger bis Fortgeschritten

Empfohlene Ausrüstung: Messer – Steel or Aluminium (Plasticwasters should be the last choice).
Mask, tooth protection needed, underarm protection recommended, gloves optional, no fencingjacket.
Only flat shoes (ballet-, boxing-, historical shoes or just socks).

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